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This Is What Happened When I Spent $1,500 on Food

  March 7

Over the past few years, I’ve tried many different ways to reduce my grocery bills. There were times in my life, even recently, where I would try to spend only $250.00 a month on groceries. I wrote posts on how to spend $50 a week on groceries. It was hard, but at that time, I was trying to … Continued

Why Money is the Most Important Topic Imaginable

  February 22

I’m sure I’ll get some backlash from this post, from my declaration that money is the most important topic imaginable. So, let me just go ahead and shock you even further by saying I actually believe money is the most important topic in the world.  Hear me out. It’s important you know that I’m not advocating … Continued

The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Store Family Photos

  January 25

I was never very careful about saving and storing online photos until I had kids. Yep, in the past, I was one of those people who had computers die on me with no backups, and I’ve lost photos of trips before. It was always disappointing in the moment, but it never affected me in a major … Continued

How to Start the New Year Off On the Right Financial Foot

  January 5

I already talked about my resolutions for this year in my last post (thanks, by the way, for all the supportive comments on that one!) But, I do want to talk more about getting on the right financial foot this year. The way to do that is, of course, to get organized. Even though I’m going to … Continued

3 Last Minute Gift Ideas that Don’t Seem Last Minute

  December 22

I can’t believe that Christmas is just a few days away. We traveled for the first two weeks of December, so the month really seems to be flying by! I honestly can’t believe we’re at the end to another year. Anyway, I know some of you are likely still struggling to find the perfect gift(s) for … Continued

How to Get Your Financial Life Back On Track in 2016

  December 3

The following post written by staff writer, Kayla. If that headline hits home for you, it’s probably because you’ve tried and failed to get your financial life on track in years past. Believe me when I say you are not alone. This is definitely something I’m constantly struggling with too. Almost everybody has multiple recoveries … Continued

How My Broken Car Changed my Outlook on Debt

  November 17

Today’s post is written by my friend and fellow PF blogger, Aaron Crowe. Once you’re finished reading it, please hop on over to his blog as I am posting over there today. 🙂 Enjoy! I don’t think anyone consciously chooses a life of debt. It just sort of happens. A new clothing purchase here. Dining … Continued

4 Ways to Recover Financially From a Divorce

  November 6

Today’s post is by staff writer, Kayla and is brought to you by Diamond Lighthouse. All advice and opinions are her own. I’m just doing all kinds of opening up these days. A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my biggest financial mistakes with you guys here and one of them was coping … Continued

4 Financial Mistakes I’ve Made and What I Learned From Them

  October 22

This post is by staff writer, Kayla. Even though I’m a personal finance blogger, I’ve made some financial mistakes. I think we all have and sometimes they are even pretty recent ones. Sharing them, as my friend Alexa did here, just makes us seem more human to those who read our blog. They know that … Continued

How We Have Family Fun on a Budget

  September 16

Over the past few months, we’ve had some pretty major expenses in the Budget Blonde household. We had to pay around $8,000 for health insurance for the 4 of us last month. I had a pretty large business expense that was several thousand dollars, and last night the hubs finally applied to residency, and the … Continued
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